3 thoughts on “We HAVE Overcome! – Black Presiding Bishop Means an End to Racism in the Episcopal Church

  1. Thanks very much to one listener who rightly pointed out we failed to mention a number of “pioneers” in The Episcopal Church, such as John Walker, Herb Thompson, Barbara Harris, and others. These brave leaders deserve their credit as well. Point well taken.


  2. I enjoyed listening and I truly appreciated the topic line that we have overcome. You are very correct in that we should not give into the fear and strive to continue to make progress as episcopalians. My father believes in continuing the journey because although we have overcome, we must not make the mistake in believing that we have Arrived. We still have work to do. My family thanks you for your support of my dad.


    • Sorry about the late post and rely (the comments / notifications system is a little out of whack. Hopefully fixed now.). You and your family and father are more than welcome. It is a joy to see the hope and work blossoming in our church. I pray the movement continues!


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